Climbing Technology by Aludesign SpA has been for over 35 years a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment against falls from a height. Simplicity, creativity and effectiveness combined with the high quality of a made in Italy product. CT Training Center was born with the aim of putting the experience gained in over 35 years of work at the service of our customers, whose safety has always represented the core of our work.

Safety culture

CT Instructors’ approach is focused on the Trainee and on the understanding of the safety culture. The safety culture comes from the personal experience of the Instructors who are able to effectively transmit both the theoretical aspects concerning the regulations in force and the practical aspects, where it is necessary to combine the need to efficiently protect others and oneself with the daily work that the Candidates are asked to carry out.

Sustainable safety

Carrying out work in a safe and effective manner represents a model of sustainability that improves the quality of the worker’s life, reducing stress, increasing the serenity of the RSSP and the employer and, in the long run, also reducing costs for the company.

The teaching method

Climbing Technology teaching method is based on the experience of the Instructors who are able to enhance the training course with real case studies faced by the company over the years. This is thanks to the experience they gained in the work at height field.

Team Building

At work you always need to think as a team. Security is often not just a personal matter, but one that affects others. It is therefore essential to learn the criteria that allow to operate safely taking into account the safety of others.


The training center has an indoor steel structure reproducing all the typical rope access, work at height and confined space work scenarios.

Our training area is provided with:

  • wide and bright environment
  • 10 m high steel structure
  • different levels of horizontal and vertical climbing
  • suspended platform
  • steel tower, ideal for simulating fall arrest climbing
  • wide space, perfect for simulating numerous rope access work scenarios
  • inclined surface simulating a roof, provided with a horizontal lifeline
  • construction simulating a confined space
  • classroom for carrying out theoretical lessons
  • refreshment area
  • toilets and changing rooms

The training center provides the candidates with the complete Climbing Technology rope access kit, as well as devices of other brands to be used by advanced technicians.